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How to Develop Content That Resonates in a Noisy Landscape

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In today’s digital landscape, consumers know when and how they want to receive information. The content that you create for them must resonate with their needs, wants and emotions.

Is your content in tune with what your ideal customers want?

Understanding Your Audience

Content marketing is about engagement. You must form a strong connection between your target audience and your business. You need to know exactly who they are. What needs do they have? What part of the purchasing path are they on?

Find out who your customers are and provide them with the exact goods or services that they desire. You do this by researching your audience. Collect as much data about them as you can. Research cuts out the guesswork and provides you with a clear picture. You can begin with the following:


  • Know their gender, age, location, and budget
  • Understand their motivations for choosing your service
  • Identify the problems that they have
  • Identify the problems that your service solves
  • Know why they might stop using your service
  • Understand the point where they will want to choose your service

One of the best ways of gathering data on your customers is by conducting surveys. Get answers to your questions by utilizing your blog, email list or social media analytics. This ensures that you are grabbing data from all of your marketing channels.

Create Marketing Personas

When you create marketing personas of your ideal customers, you’ll have a better understanding of the audience that you serve. It’s recommended that you create three to five of these personas. This is large enough to represent your customers and small enough to still be specific. You’ll find templates for making marketing personas on the internet.

These personas will have specific needs, expectations and interests. When creating content for them, ask questions like the following:

– What message am I trying to communicate with this person?
– What is the most effective and best way to communicate?
– Does this need to be altered for audiences that are different?

Consider each of your marketing personas individually. Know their goals, challenges, values and fears. The more details that you use for each persona, the easier it will be to answer these questions.

Make Your Content Shareable

Another way to make your content more relevant and engaging is by creating content that’s shareable. You can do this in a number of ways:


  • Use lists
  • Tie in pop culture
  • Include beautiful images
  • Utilize video
  • Tie in with topics that are trending

Engaging Your Readers Emotionally

Re-tweets and clicks are nice to have when you offer content to your audience. However, you should really be striving for something more that evokes an emotional response. This is a key element in building your community. You’ve got to connect with your audience on a deep level so that they share their opinions and feelings.

One of the ways that you can do this is by asking them questions. Get straight to the point and ask about their personal experiences with your brand, service or product. Work on encouraging healthy debate. If there’s a hot issue that you’re sure your audience wants your opinion on, provide it with a solid stance. Be sure to open up dialogue and see if they agree.

Final Takeaway

It’s not enough to create blog posts anymore. You need to deliver a memorable experience. Valuable content will unlock the door to more web traffic and will get more potential customers to trust your brand.

If you want to succeed, stop creating random content and start pinpointing who your audience really is and what they really want. By connecting with your customers like this, you’ll take your content marketing to the next level.


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