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Evoking Tender & Fierce Self-Compassion with Physical Affection


Evoking Tender & Fierce Self-Compassion with Physical Affection


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Show Notes

We tend to look for physical touch and affection from others, and what if we could practice self-compassion by providing physical affection for ourselves, holding ourselves, and evoking the energy of self-compassion to support us in different ways?

In this episode, I share more about how we can evoke the energy of both tender and fierce self-compassion through physical affection.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What’s the difference between tender and fierce self-compassion
  • How we can use physical affection to evoke tender or fierce self-compassion
  • Ways to evoke tender self-compassion
  • Ways to evoke fierce self-compassion

About the Podcast

Be Nice To Her is a podcast that explores the question, “How can I use self-compassion to live a life of greater freedom?” You’ll receive a weekly dose of inspiration, tips, and practices from Marketing and Growth Strategist, Denisse Marie to support you in practicing the art of self-compassion as a women entrepreneur.

Denisse’s philosophy is that we can truly experience the freedom we want and mindfully navigate the challenges of being an entrepreneur when we practice self-compassion. Each week you’ll get actionable advice for using the most powerful force within to support you in moving your business and life forward.

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