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Approaching Our Business Goals with Self-Compassion

EPISODE 3, SEASON 1 Approaching our Business Goals with Self-Compassion   Watch on YouTube Listen on Spotify Show Notes Goals are meant to guide our focus, keep us moving forward, and provide motivation. But what if they are doing the opposite and leaving us...

What It Means to Show Ourselves Grace

EPISODE 9, SEASON 1 What It Means to Show Ourselves Grace  Watch on YouTubeListen on SpotifyShow NotesHow do we begin to know what self-compassion looks like? How do we know we need it? And what can we do when we're in a place where we can't even begin to show...

Practicing Self-Compassion with Affectionate Breathing

EPISODE 5, SEASON 1 Practicing Self-Compassion With Affectionate Breathing  Watch on YouTubeListen on SpotifyShow NotesDr. Kristin Neff, a pioneer in the research of self-compassion and founder of SelfCompassion.org, says that affectionate breathing is connecting...


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