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Approaching Our Business Goals with Self-Compassion


Approaching our Business Goals with Self-Compassion


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Show Notes

Goals are meant to guide our focus, keep us moving forward, and provide motivation.

But what if they are doing the opposite and leaving us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or like we’re not doing enough?

Well, sometimes, if you get fixated on a huge goal, or it just seems a million miles away, then you might find yourself feeling discouraged, like you’re not doing enough, or getting into negative self-talk that can be damaging to your progress.

In this episode (previously called Coffee and Compassion), I share three things we can do to help us set goals with self-compassion.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why chasing after big goals like 6-figures can lead us to be hard on ourselves 
  • A different perspective on your goals: the result of the result
  • Why staying flexible with our goals is important to business growth
  • Three ways we can approach our business goals

About the Podcast

Be Nice To Her is a podcast that explores the question, “How can I use self-compassion to live a life of greater freedom?” You’ll receive a weekly dose of inspiration, tips, and practices from Marketing and Growth Strategist, Denisse Marie to support you in practicing the art of self-compassion as a women entrepreneur.

Denisse’s philosophy is that we can truly experience the freedom we want and mindfully navigate the challenges of being an entrepreneur when we practice self-compassion. Each week you’ll get actionable advice for using the most powerful force within to support you in moving your business and life forward.

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