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Meet your Marketing
& Growth Coach

Marketing strategist and entrepreneur for over 13 years, I help women entrepreneurs know which direction to go, where their focus should be, and how to create the results they want in their business and life.

To make these leaps as a woman and business owner, it takes the support of someone who’s gone the distance to create more personal joy, experience being fully present with who they love, and do what they love while being paid abundantly to do it; and who knows how to help you do the same.

Hey There!

I’m Denisse Marie

I’m a business owner and an “unbusy” single mom of three girls. I love cheesy humor, nature walks, the beach, hot yoga, and listening to 90’s and early 2000’s hip hop and R&B (cue Biggie Smalls, “Baby, baby!”)

I am passionate about helping women, moms and single moms find clarity, freedom, and more meaningful experiences in their business without stress or sacrificing a life they love (not to mention self-care!).

It all began when I first became a single mom and I was working a 9-to-5 barely making ends meet. Because my full-time job didn’t cut it, I started a side hustle, and trust me I was hustling! I was sacrificing my weekends, family time, and evenings big time so that I could generate enough income.

I was tired and frustrated. And I was sick of the mundane routine (I hate doing the same thing every day!)

I wanted the flexibility to work on my terms, be home with my girls, take them and pick them up from school, volunteer at their events, and do all the #momlife things while also being the sole income producer. I wanted to travel with my girls and not have to worry about where or when money would come from for whatever my daughters needed.

After some serious mindset transformation, strategic planning and dedication I was able to quit my day job and turn my side hustle into a full-time business (it’s pretty wild, but I did this in 3 months!).

I was making more money, I was home with my kids, I had a nanny, we took new adventures all the time… we lived well.  A major goal accomplished. And, I’m proud of that.

BUT, there was still something missing.

I was working IN my business.

My work was based on my time. If I didn’t sit in front of my laptop and work, I didn’t make money. I had essentially created a job for myself and still didn’t have the true freedom I wanted

That’s when my freedom revolution began.

I made the decision to change my entire business and this time it became a productive, automated, digitally transformed, profit machine.

And, today, that’s what I help business owners like you accomplish.

Are you ready to kick off your freedom revolution?

Here’s how I can help:

1:1 coaching and consulting with a unique 3-pronged approach:


The foundation of a successful business is focus. We’ll explore things like leveraging what you’re the best at and what you’re not, the value of your time, and how you use it to strategically delegate, outsource and automate. Focus will help you create a long-lasting, sustainable business with clarity, control, and vision.


Process is the execution of your focus and the structure for your growth — you’ll learn to leverage a methodology, documented processes and digital systems that do the heavy lifting for you so you can benefit from reduced costs, efficient business operations, process management, and visibility and transparency.


By integrating a mix of analysis, strategy, integration and innovation, you’ll be empowered to identify the right marketing strategies that drive profit and make informed decisions that fuel your business growth, leaving you feeling confident, secure and with peace of mind.

In case you’re curious…

Here’s my fancy 3rd person bio

Denisse Marie is a highly experienced online marketing and growth strategist with over 15 years of experience in business management and over 13 years in online marketing.

Her diverse experience includes supporting small business owners in business operations and digital marketing, working as a marketing strategist and leading marketing teams for award-winning marketing agencies, and growing her side hustle into a profitable full-time business.

She has developed and executed strategic marketing roadmaps for small and local businesses to multiple subsidiaries of global holding companies in accounting, coaching, counseling, law, creative, security, plastic manufacturing, eCommerce, and others.

Business owners have relied on Denisse for systems and processes, marketing operations, strategic inbound marketing, demand generation, account-based marketing, communications, and innovative technology solutions.

She earned her BS in Media Communications from Full Sail University and holds numerous certifications including Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing, Marketing Management, Branding, and Marketing Integration, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Brand Strategy, Marketing Automation Software, Presenting Digital Data, Building Creative Organizations, among others

“Thanks again for kicking much ass.. It has become clear that you’re really good at process improvement. I love that. You’ve brought so much value to the business.”

Mario Medina

Owner, Madison Miles Media